At the intersection of performance and cost.

our start


Energy Materials was launched in 2010 with an objective to establish a new class of opto-electronic materials technologies. The singular vision is to develop materials that combine high performance with low capital cost manufacturing and abundant, non-toxic materials that can be sustainably manufactured.

The Plan


Energy Materials is now focused on completing critical materials engineering to create high efficiency devices.  The next step will be to develop commercially relevant prototypes prior to scale-up. 


Meanwhile...  We'll be working to change the way you generate, use, and think about energy in the future.  Stay tuned...

About Us

Proof of concept is done!


By early 2013, in a near garage-shop start up mode, the application of modern processing and analytical capabilities led to the successful demonstration that this new class of electronic materials is capable of harvesting and delivering power and could be applied to other electronic applications.  This critical first step allowed Energy Materials to raise an investment round sufficient to launch product development activities.