The solar PV module industry focus is cell and module efficiency. Manufacturing innovation is secondary. The result – 40 years of incremental commercial product progress.

EMC flips that model. Manufacturing performance and speed is primary. Cell & module efficiency acceleration is built into the process. Commercial product cost AND performance is exponentially improved with product availability assured.

EMC High Speed ROLL-to-ROLL Solar PV Panel Printing

EMC Innovation Mashup

Manufacturing AND Product Performance Fast-Tracked
Multiple innovations unite to accelerate delivery of disruptive PV modules to the market place in the near term.


lower average selling price

Durable Margins

EMC - World Leader in Large Format, High Speed Printing of Perovskite Solar Modules.

Vertically integrated, high speed Roll-to-Roll printing in existing and operating Kodak manufacturing facilities delivers low cost and high efficiency BackbonePV™ modules.
3 Gigawatt Full Scale Manufacturing Line
  • 90% lower factory CAPEX
  • Energy returned on energy invested = 2 months
  • No raw material bottlenecks
  • Requires 20X less materieals
  • All processes in single facility
  • High capacity throughput

Core to the EMC strategy is high volume multiple layer printing of the entire solar device.

Perovskite allows for high speed, high yield ROLL-to-ROLL printing of PV modules.

Perovskite Solar Module Stack
Back Contact
Electron Interface Layer


Hole Interface Layer
Transparent Conductor

We have shown that perovskite-based solar cells could be produced quickly and inexpensively using techniques such as roll-to-roll manufacturing . . . . . We are convinced . . . . these materials would forever transform the U.S. solar industry. NREL is a world leader . . . . The time is right . . . .

Dr. Martin Keller, Director, U.S. DOE National Renewable
Energy Laboratory – testimony to U.S.
Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, May 21, 2019

Perovskite solar cells have met or exceeded PV industry 1,000 hour accelerated life cycle testing benchmarks including environmental and light degradation parameters.
The EMC Innovation Mashup Significantly Reduces Risk for all Stakeholders
Pilot Scale-Up Manufacturing Line

EMC Model =
Capital Risk Significantly Reduced

AND speed:

  • to initial revenue
  • in manufacturing resulting in high operational capital efficiency
  • in return on invested capital
  • to supplement the solar climate crisis solution set
Global module manufacturing capacity is 100GW/year. In order to reach 20% of energy generation by 2050, an average of 500GW/year of solar panels must be installed. EMC’s BackbonePV™ product provides an additional and powerful solar industry solution to meet this challenge.


Even as solar PV generation becomes cost -competitive . . . . revenues per kW of installed capacity will decline as solar penetration increases until a breakeven point is reached, beyond which further investment in solar PV would be unprofitable. Thus significant cost reductions may be required to make PV competitive at the very substantial penetration levels envisioned . . . .

MIT -Study on the Future of Solar Energy, 2017

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